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Beats of Rage engine for OCS/ECS.

Beats of Rage LIKE engine.

Hi, I made this thread to impulse some coder that likes to make a "Fighting in the streets" engine for people to make his own fighting games. Because I was talking about Final Fight for OCS Amigas in the AGA page and I do not want to fill that thread with somethin I think, is different.

An enviroment has to be made to insert the graphics, enemies location, import map from TILED, load MOD and some SAMPLES for SFX.

2 or 3 standar sizes for the characters(maybe 32x64) and 16x16 or 32x32 size for tile maps. 16 or 32 colors.

I would like to make Final Fight, Streets of Rage and some more for standar 1MB Amigas. Coded in ASM should be possible.

What do you think?

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