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Originally Posted by phx View Post
Maybe this is getting off-topic and too technical now, but: which sprite's DMA slot is affected? It certainly is not any sprite in any situation?
Nothing is too technical!
I'll move posts later if it looks too off-topic.

In my game I have DDFSTRT=$30, wiping out sprite 7's DMA slot, so I'm loading SPR7DATA/B with the copper. And I see the corruption of SPR6DATB. Sprite 6 is a normal DMA sprite, with some horizontal position changes (SPR6POS) over the screen.

Sprite DMA slot located at cycle DDFSTRT-1 gets stolen by (nonexisting) bitplane DMA if OCS Agnus. It is always second sprite slot: CTL or DATB load.

Sprite 6 needs both planes. So I might load it with the copper each line, like I already do with sprite 7.
Ok, fastest solution is to let DMA load DATA and only use copper to load DATB, saves 1 cycle (1 sprite cycle and 2 copper cycles vs 4 copper cycles)

If sprite only appears once, you also don't need to use copper to load POS and CTL, just make sure line 25 has larger DDFSTRT.
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