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I've just played the ECS version of it.

It's friggin awesome. Its eons better than the oficial port, when this gets completed, it will be the best game of its genre on Amiga.

The music is fantastic on level 1 (On level 2 it had some weird cracks on it), the sound effects are perfect...

Goddamn it, I've been thinking about learning Blitz Basic 2 so I could code for Amiga.. if that's the kind of stuff its possible to do with it, I am *very* into learning it now. This is amazing work mate. I can see the slowdowns, it would be better if the game was a little faster , but I am not complaining. A game like this working 100% back at the time would get rave reviews.

EDIT: Please, consider finishing this ECS 7mhz version at some point. I understand you wanting to focus on the AGA version, but I do know a few people who has no AGA machine (myself included, hehe). This would be a killer-app on an A600

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