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Hi all,

I am the coder behind this remake. If you are having any problems please contact me. As a general rule if you could send me the sys_log.txt (same location as the exe) I will be able to help you quicker.

The resolution problem should now be fixed in the latest version as I have made it default to 640 x 480. This can be changed from the options menu within the game. Once set just close and open the game and your chosen resolution should be used.

I have never had an issue with User32.dll before. Could you send me your sys_log.txt. Can you also confirm that you are running Vista/7/8 and have a DX11 GPU. Its odd the Missing DLLs link does not working? In Firefox if I open it in a new tab it works but if I click it directly it fails? The page only really talks about d3dx?_43.dll issues anyway.

I have got some speach samples provided by Zetr0 which I have been meaning to add in.

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