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Originally Posted by Toni Galvez View Post
Some more details about my interests:

I like to develop for Amiga 500 (for floppy, hard disc or CF cards on aca500).

I hate when a game uses only sound effects or only music, I like both sound at once, 3 channels for music and 1 for sound effects, if you want to make 4 channel music, I preffer to remove bass sound when a sound effect needs to work.

I preffer to use 16 colors on good speed and smooth movements than 32 colors on slow motion (this not mean I hate 32 colors, some games accept 32 colors, some not).

I like the hardware sprites use for the main character and bullets.

I like the Blitz Basic and ASM power, I do not like AMOS.
I like to develop for AGA but i can do OCS/ECS just as well i suppose.

I agree on every other point. I used to code in AMOS when i was learning, but now i code in ASM and only use AMOS to assist in development (it is fast to get simple things quickly, processing sound effects for example, and as a test bench for ASM code).
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