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LOL I’d bet the new model wouldn’t have fit your needs as well as this one does.

Of course the bloody JS sockets are on that F'in side!!

Hold on the drill mate. How about an adapted 9 pin extension (I use extensions on my Amiga to prevent having to reach round the back and risk damaging the pins on the Amiga sockets for the constant mouse/JS switching) I'll bet if you get a short extension cable you could take it apart and adapt it smaller to turn 90 towards the front for about a euro each?...

or you could just turn the console when you play it and turn it back when it's on display? All's good mate..

Like the fact you've future proofed it for further buys, I often look at other similar set ups which fit their collection perfectly now and think WTF do they do if they add to their collection? Very clever mate well thought through. Although it doesn’t look like it’s missing anything even at this stage.

I know you’ve probably already thought about it, “mood lighting” what’ the plan? Different colours one colour, or white etc etc….
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