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Okay. In this archive are FFECS1 and FFECS1_NM.
NM is the one without music.
You will still need 2mb chip. Use NM if you have that but no fast mem.

I've reduced the number of goons to 4 which is what we had for the Snes and MD/Genesis.
This is the same as the AGA version from a few months back collisions are off for re-structuring of this and that including AI. It's a little buggy, but will hopefully run.
No parallax background because no sprites used! And I was too lazy top put a copper background in for now, sorry. Also no sprites = no moving train, expect some weird effects...

ESC quits, game will crash if you try to advance too far in the subway stage you can cheat the scroll lock here at the end of the stage by jumping so be warned. You will be jumping into an area where there is no data for the gfx.

NM version is in the zip file only - so you must copy it over if you need after unpacking lha archive.
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