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Thanks Toni, that's what I mean with "stuff you didn't even know you had a question about".

Now I understand for example why the DeliTracker 14bit player has 60000Hz mixing frequency. 14.5kHz x 4 = 58000Hz makes sense.
Even if you're just the driver and not the mechanic, it can't be wrong to know how the internals of the engine work.

So from what I understand there can still be some arifacts even with filters enabled.Not as much as without.And with filters is's less noisy but it will lose some "detail" in the worst case. Seems it's really analog to the D3D filters for graphics.

Yes and no. Paula does not need to mix all 4 channels to single output bitrate.
If the Amigas max output without aliasing is 14.5 kHz and we use 48000Hz for the WinUAE output, wouldnt that come really close to the original even without filters?
Would the soundquality improve if you enable the filter at, lets say, 96kHz?

Not that I would be able to hear the difference, just out of curiosity...
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