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So, I tried booting directly to workbench from the CD and it works fine. I just cannot boot into it from the HD. I've tried SFS, SFS/02, FFS. They all do the same. Software failure seconds into booting.

I opened the logging window. This is the error I get:

17-081 [113 226-280]: UAEHF SCSI: out of bounds, 00000000-FFFFFE00 + 00000000-00000200 > 00000000-7D000000

My current hardfile is formatted with the sfs/00 filesystem. Block size is 512k. 2048MB in size. Set to accelerator.scsi with an id of 0. I'm using the latest cyberstormppc.rom and its set to 128MB.

If anyone has any ideas that could help I would greatly appreciate it.
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