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Regarding an ECS 7mhz version, I'd probably prefer less colors and more enemies on screen, as acurate as possible with tha Arcade version... but then I am not working on the game, so I can't ask for too much.

Slowdown is something very acceptable in a game like this IMO. Final Fight slowdowns, but it's not that bad IMO.

I would like to say the original Final Fight game for Amiga coded by R.Aplin wasn't a bad programmed game at all IMO. To me, it looks decent enough, it has big sprites moving at a decent speed, it has a good amount of frames of animation... maybe if it wasn't an Atari ST port it could had been a lot better, still I don't think it's awful programming...

... it's just awful GAME DESIGN. That's what really pisses me off about that game (and so many other Amiga games). It's clear the programmer was capable and the machine could handle it, is just that the programmer seemed to have no idea of how to do a good game (or maybe really lacked the time to polish it properly).

I sometimes feel a lot of those games weren't even tested properly. Today I played the Amiga port of Vigilante for the first time. How the heck could they screw that SO BADLY? And, again, I can't believe someone actually PLAYED that before the game was released and said "Ok, this is good enough to be released".
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