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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
Yes ADRdesign mods from the arcade tracks i ripped are almost arcade perfect
Thank you! Just for the record, actually I didn't used your rips (all the channels were mixed), they worked to have a global idea of what to do. I explained in some PMs to turrican3 how where they made

Hi guys, fist of all I apologyze if my english is poor. I'll try to be clear

For the "Select player" tune (multichannel) I exported the original song to wav with bridge (player tool) unmarking the 2nd channel of the YM2151 synth (the other two are for drums and cymbal respectively, so unmarking them while exporting will allow to sample both channels).

after exporting the full song i've loaded it in wavosaur. I had the drums in the center and the synth sequence in the left channel.

In wavosaur i did a vocal removing to discard the center channel. Then chopped the longest note i founded for the synh bass and created the instrument. After maximizing and converting to 22050 8 bit I saved to wav (soundstudio is able to load 8bit wavs directly).

For the drums I reloaded the song and converted to mono selecting right channel. Maximized and resampled to 11025 8bit. Chopped and saved to wav.

As i can listed both channels isolated (synth and drums), it was easy to convert with that samples.


for the stage 1 song i sampled the synth riff loop and the drums with the same method and isolated them (one loop for synth, two different drum loops). mixed 100%drums and 66% synt riff i created both loops in channel 0.

the song is written by ear with fairlight and emax samples (dont know if "by ear" exists, i meant listening the song and trying notes on the tracker)


for the title song the process was longer but very interesing. 1st of all I searched a way to convert ROM tunes to MIDI, none for MAME games yet. I found a way to convert both GBA and SNES tunes directly from the rom (in useful software folder)

So i decided to work with the snes one.

Loaded the MIDI in Soundstudio and toggled 1-64ch mixing, selected 10 channels in mixing settings, converted each drum note to a sample (using Replace Notes function) and then the other instruments.

for the chords i exported the song with octamed muting the rest of the tracks. then loaded in octamed and chopped the sample in differet bits. Reconstructed the chord track and done. 4 tracks and 1:1 note converting. I didnt found a way to isolate the samples in the original song so I choosed from the fairlight collection

and that's all.
PS: after that I used other methods based on SNES music mixed with arcade samples (using SPC2IT) for some stages, and a new intro music with speech, based on the GBA port.
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