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In short - those are different methods on how to perform interpolation of sound. Interpolation is the process of calculating a value in-between two samples of audio. Let's say interpolation point is 0.452 (a value between 0-1), you would calculate linear interpolation of two samples : (B-A)*0.452+A, which is a value somewhere between A and B. This is to smooth the sound and make the resulting soundmix to have better quality (than without interpolation). Mixing audio without interpolation is quite horrible idea, but hey... Amiga does NOT HAVE interpolation (!!), so just forget about it. Set it to disabled. You should never use interpolation for 8bit module music or the Amiga for that matter. WE DID NOT HAVE IT.

Details on Anti, Sinc, RH, Crux could be Googled. I'm not familiar with these but I think Sinc is the best and slowest method (Renoise tracker has this as option).
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