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@ Shatterhand - Well, ECS version was an experiment in getting the engine to run without AGA. It's a little wrong to say that it's planned – more to say that it's possible and that a demo exists. I'd really like to get around to that afterward, but it's hard to look forward to that with this to finish.

To dream for a minute though-

To get it working on a 7mhz machine – I'm really not sure – maybe with 16 colours?
Certainly possible (as Rich Aplin proved) – but again no promises. I used to put stuff together in Amos which required me to use 4-8 colours to get the speed I wanted (always 50 fps), but blitz definitely has the edge for speed. Guess I should learn to code properly =)
Bear in mind that Final Fight on ECS slows when there's more than a little going on in 16 colours – and that was by a pro coding in assembler...

No, reducing the colour would be a lot of work, but there's hope; the engine also works with a reduced amount of goons to fight – so we could just keep the colour and give you less goons on screen at once. Provided there are at least 2 it may still prove decent enough – they are queued and enter the screen as soon as there is a slot – so the action remains quite pacy.

The music loads into fast ram at present. The other problem for the ECS would be memory – you're gonna need a bigger boat if you have less than 2mb chip.
For the music – well there may be just enough memory left to squeeze a soundtrack in without fast, and questions like these need to be addressed at some stage.
I wasn't able yet to create something stable enough in blitz to facilitate proper allocation and clearing of memory for PT modules – the blitz commands (including newer libraries) don't seem to give enough for modules when you're tight on memory but the awesome Omed player library provided the solution for machines with fast mem. Listening to adrdesign's mods in this way is almost like having an mp3 of the arcade tracks.

So basically - it appears as though it wouldn't take much for me to create a version that will run, but I just can't vouch for the speed. If I can finish this then I'll just get onto it and we'll see

@ Tony Galvez – with me? Well I think I've got enough on my plate to be honest, but I'm not averse to others using the source of earlier demo at the top of this thread. It is not the easiest thing to read but I'll try to answer any questions.

The other thing is – it appears as though someone has beaten you to it terms of a modern conversion of Double Dragon for Amiga – -so we'd be entering into an arms race of sorts.

But I'd be glad to help you do something Tony – whenever there is the chance and if I'm lucky enough to catch up with you later. Just I have to honour other commitments first.

@ s2325 Ahh the memories. But the music on real ST wasn't quite as bad as that, check the first part of this =) [ Show youtube player ]
I actually find it plays better than the Amiga version due to Haggar's immense pile driver spamming ability.
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