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Thank you very much Michael for taking your time looking at the BB code! You seem to be good at AMOS

I would be more than grateful if you could find a way to speed up the game just a bit.

Also, some of the most important fixes i need for my upcoming productions:

* Learn us how to make the score counter to reset after game over
* Learn us how to make our own Copper backgrounds. There is only five to choose from in BB and all look crap!

These things is not used in my Smurf game. So I guess it's hard for you tell us how to do it without source.

You will of course be credited in all my future productions!

edit: I managed to rip the extensions that BB temporary saves to RAM:. Don't know if you need them? Boo Boo said in the Backbone thread they are just the same extensions that comes with Amos Pro. Just renamed. Have uploaded them HERE.

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