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Originally Posted by Mark Wright View Post
I know that Haller/Weber of Linel had scene connections but can't remember the details. Perhaps one of them was "Byte Bandit" and the other "Byte Warrior" :-)
Christian A. Weber = coder of the SCA virus.

Edit: 1991 can't be correct as I found this in the binary:
$VER: GAME EXEC Operating System V4.4 (16-Apr-92) Copyright (c) 1989 - 1992 by Christian A. Weber,Bruggerweg 2, CH-8037 Zuerich, Switzerland.
All Rights Reserved.
Greetings to Chris Haller, René Straub, Roman Werner
Edit2: Nicely disguised loader code, too bad there are things which make it very obvious what's going on.

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