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Originally Posted by chiark View Post
I learnt / was inspired by Jolyon Ralph's series for amiga computing...
Ahhh.. putting the source of that "classic" Comrade J/SAE sine scroll intro on the coverdisk created a (thankfully short-lived) monster. I can remember my "lamer" radar detecting various rip-offs at the time, ready to pounce on those who passed off their minor modifications as their own work. But thinking back, with the benefit of hindsight, cobbling all of that together in Genam for the uninitiated would've been no mean feat. I should've been applauding them.

After all, it's how I learned. I don't know how widely spread the couple of disks were that I had back in late 1988, but this might jog some memories.. They were filled with sources and binaries for crude intros/routines by the likes of HQC, Champs, Mike IoW, Public Enemy, Il Scuro/Defjam, TLC, Hotline and so on. Real rudimentary stuff. I can't recall how I came by them.

I spent hours and hours pissing around in SEKA trying to understand what was going on - just in order to assemble and run them. No INCBINs in those days, just a few blk.b's and the odd comment in German. I eventually self-taught myself enough to be able to pick 'n' mix enough bits from each to set-up (and cleanly exit) a 2-bitplane screen (without mouse pointer) showing a raw bitmap logo with topaz scroller and starfield. I must've wept with joy when I was finally able to successfully save it as an executable and load it back.

My very own 1986-vintage intro, ready for 1989.
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