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Hi K.C.,

Just stumbled across this topic, pics of your board look great!.

Originally Posted by K.C.Lee View Post
If I need a special odd ball frequency, I can make it. FPGA PLL is very limited vs this.

.... Please show me that the FPGA PLL can do that. Oh yes and on the fly, not precompiled please.
Cyclone V devices actually incorporate those features:
User-mode re-config of the PLL's, as well as Fractional PLL modes.

From the CV manual:

"If you use the fractional PLL mode, you can use the PLLs for precision fractional-N frequency synthesisremoving the need for off-chip reference clock sources in your design."

Unfortunately, they only come in BGA packages which complicates assembly

At the end of the day, it's your project, so as long as you are having fun don't take any notice of me or anyone else

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