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Let me give information about latest update of this game.

Last Updated: Jan 5, 2015
Update Features:

Fixed fatal glitches when you sidestep beside the wall.

Enhanced the town and headquarters levels. (Not "paper thin walls" anymore!)

2 Players co-op mode is now available.

ADF version has dummy files for 2 players combat mode.
(You don't have to reboot your system even if you select "Two Player Combat" by mistake. See this picture.)

Fixed Red antheads' strange animation.

Fixed Yellow ants' wrong sound.

At last I couldn't fix those glitches.
But now version is far playable whether you usually use "sidestep" option or not.
Now I strongly recommend you to download new data pack (of #1 of this thread) again.
(If you have already installed previous pack and you don't want to install again,
you can also download this attachment and replace them.)

ADF version is now updated, too.

Aminet version is updated. (date is Jan 4, though.)
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