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I've installed the rapid road on an x-surf 100 in my Amiga 4000 which at the time was running OS4.1 classic update 6 with no issues. When I received my copy of 4.1 fe I started afresh but now am having the same issues as techguruuk. To investigate I did a reinstall of 4.1 classic and the rapid road and Poseidon worked up to Update 4. As soon as I got to Update 5 no usb device would work. I have installed a rapid road and OS4.1fe on an Amiga 1200 and that works fine. So the only current option I have if I want to use the rapid road on my Amiga 4000 is to (a) not use OS 4.1fe and (b) to not go beyond update 4. I have tried the jumper option (although I have a Cyberstorm ppc 060) but that made on difference. Hopefully this investigative work I have done can lead to a solution on the issue and I can use the rapid road with OS4.1 fe sometime in the not to distant future.
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