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To exit the test game option - I think you just press the right mouse button - it works for me.

I haven't tried the platform disk or the shoot em up disk but from the finished games I have seen - they don't seem to be to the same standard as those produced using the adventure / dizzy skeleton disk.

In terms of speed - for those not familiar with Reality - Charlie Chimp was the demo game created using the package - youtube link below ..

[ Show youtube player ]

Overall - I think the adventure skeleton disk is quite good - it has a good text message system - a simple method of adding baddies and objects to rooms. I also find the zoom facility really useful for the map editor as it enables me to jump straight to a room for editing.

The number of objects and bobs available means you could create a really big game.

The only thing I am going to need to get my head around is the flag system - this does look complicated but I think should be ok once I've looked at a few routines from charlie chimp - I think it is quite long winded as it enables you to have lots of outcomes dependent on where the player is - what the player does and what objects the player uses.

I've tried backbone once and found it quite confusing and frustrating as it kept asking for the reg key and it kept crashing.

The lack of hard drive install is not a big problem using it on a laptop via emulation as the disk drive is sped up - also I tend to have two or three winuae sessions going - enabling me to multi task. Using it on a real amiga would probably be quite time consuming.

Overall, I have used three game creators on the Amiga - SEUCK - Backbone - Reality - out of those 3 - Reality Adventure disk standards head and shoulders above the rest at the moment -

the only issues I have currently are:

Adding music file - think this might be overcome if I can use AMOS to change mod file to the music format of Reality

Disk swapping quirk - for some reason you cannot use two or more disk drives with reality - therefore you have to have the master disk in and then swap to the skeleton disk manually rather than have both disks in two disk drives.
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