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Originally Posted by nobody View Post
Sure I agree, I still have a BMW E36 but cars are a different story you can use them for work, moving etc.
I don't have some bad feelings for good old 64 I love it but it was old by 1993 the SNES was already out there.
I think it was, like the beatle, only for the mexican and south american market.
If there were still some c64 in the shelfs here in europe in 93 I'm sure they were old stock.

But hey, they are still in use and there is an active scene still hacking them. There was even a late come back in 2005, if you remember the c64dtv!
I think what you experience as "differnt with cars" will happen with old computers,too.
It has imho allready started.
It's just that cars are a lot older than computers.And are much more common for a longer period of time.
But they dont evolve with the speed of silicon so the computer gets "old" a lot faster.
Wich means it's catching up exponentially. I think in 50 years it will be the same with retro computing as it is today with collecting old cars. Today it's still more about childhood memories, at least in my case.
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