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Thats a thread worth reading...
I would say there are at least a few good platformer.
Marvin's Marvellous Adventure, ChuckRock˛ and Turrican of course just to mention a few.
But there are also a lot of bad ports from other systems that don't use all of the amigas resources.I would say those are only midrange on the quality meter.I guess thats true for all genres.

Selling a good product as long as possible isn't a bad idea. The production of the VW Beatle was stoped in july 2003. Volkswagen is still selling cars.

The dumbest thing they ever did at big C= was to stop the production of the A500.
Or better to stop it because of the A600, which wasn't selling as expected.
Why would anyone want to buy it commo?
It was just a cheaper(in prod. costs) clone of the A500.At least that was what commo wanted.
But none of the old expansions would work.
And the worst thing was that the A600 was even more expensive than the A500 when it was released.
So commo canceld a product that was selling fine for a more expensive and worse system. WTF?
...they could fail even if they had Playstation...

so true...
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