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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
No, quite the opposite.

Although MFMWarp can successfully read and store the MFM data, it can't write it out properly to a physical disk, however, we are able to decode the information from the MFMWarp file without writing to a disk and outputting directly to a disk image.

The only think Psygore needs to do now (as I have ZERO interest in educational software) is replace the relevant loaders within the 'game' and he can produce a 100% cracked ADF of it.

The track sizes are standard AmigaDOS sized, it doesn't use all the disk, so producing a working crack from that MFMWarp you provided is a piece of cake.

Enough data was left bare that I was able to build a RawDIC imager to successfully decode the disk, the rest is easy street.

You just turned me into technical amoeba with all this. Even though you used simple language.

What i understood is it can be done and ... that's it. Anyone up for this?

PS. I have also low interest in educational software, but this one has a sentimental value for me (well this and Historia Polski by Alderan).
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