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Originally Posted by melomonster View Post
Then why doesn't it work? Maybe the source disk was corrupted?

What other options do we have?
No, quite the opposite.

Although MFMWarp can successfully read and store the MFM data, it can't write it out properly to a physical disk, however, we are able to decode the information from the MFMWarp file without writing to a disk and outputting directly to a disk image.

The only think Psygore needs to do now (as I have ZERO interest in educational software) is replace the relevant loaders within the 'game' and he can produce a 100% cracked ADF of it.

The track sizes are standard AmigaDOS sized, it doesn't use all the disk, so producing a working crack from that MFMWarp you provided is a piece of cake.

Enough data was left bare that I was able to build a RawDIC imager to successfully decode the disk, the rest is easy street.
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