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What I was going to say here was said by Akira.

I had an MSX then an Amiga here in Brazil.

With both computers, the only way to have games was by copying. You would go to a store with blank disks and they would charge you per game copied (In the Amiga case, per disk copied).

The MSX was way more popular than Amiga here (It certainly was the most popular computer system ever before the PCs taking off), and there was actually a smal scene of developers trying to make applications and games and make "honest" money out of it... problem is that they had to sell their software through the same channels people used to buy pirated stuff, so their software ended up being heavily pirated anyway.

And in the Amiga scene, like Akira said, we had a few guys who would have connections with european groups, and those would ending up distributing the games around here. People bought copies of games from those guys so they could sell copies to other people.
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