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Originally Posted by lordofchaos View Post
To some of the earlier comments regarding Turrican 3, here's a video showing the differences side by side. Still think the Amiga has the overall edge in the sound department..The default difficulty level is harder on the MD.

[ Show youtube player ]
Looking back on this thread I can see I got a bit too passionate about it all. Certainly makes for some cringeworthy reading a year later. Galahad was right to give me a hard time I think.

I prefer the MD soundtrack because it's more warm and bassy (without the hard separated stereo). The Amiga version is more clear and detailed because of the sample based output but subjectively it's not for me in this game's case.

If you read over this whole thread though there are plenty of good arguments each side - Amiga Platformers good - Vs - Amiga Platformers pretty poor show

The jury will always be out on this one. Personally I think Benefactor and Solid Gold are contenders that keep Amiga in the ring.

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