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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
I usually only add latest available version to ROM scanner unless there are big enough differences in other versions. But better keep them in safe place

I am not sure what to do with GVP accelerators with built-in SCSI. Nearly every one uses same driver. There is hardware ID which driver checks so technically each model should be listed, main difference seem to be DMAC addressing width. (24bits or more)
I seem to remember reading somewhere that 4.13 was the last version actually shipped by GVP.

The SCSI controller on GVP accelerators can DMA to all RAM, there's no 24-bit restriction. I assume the current GVP hardware emulation can only do 24-bit DMA? It's possible there could be Mask issues if using an image from a real Amiga with GVP accelerator SCSI. Or maybe the GVP ROM checks the product ID and knows to only DMA to 24-bit addresses even if Mask=0xFFFFFFFE for example.
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