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PC-size floppy disk image loads as trackdisk format

Is WinUAE supposed to support/work with PC floppy disk images? They are 737,280 or 1,474,560 bytes long for normal PC DD & HD formats. From winuaechangelog.txt it looks like they were supported since WinUAE 1.3.

Macintosh HD disks use the same 1.44MB format as PC/MS-DOS. I was wanting to select a Mac HD floppy image in DF0: for use with the A-Max Mac emulator.

When I do that, the disk icon appears on Workbench as DF0:LK` (LK being the first two bytes in the Mac disk image). WinUAE seems to be treating the disk as a normal Amiga/trackdisk HD floppy even though the image file is too small. I can use TrackDOS to read data from trackdisk.device, up to the ~1.44MB point. The same happens back to at least WinUAE 2.3.3 (the earliest version I tested). Or am I doing something wrong?

Edit: It looks like I have to rename the image file to end in .img for WinUAE to treat it as PC format?
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