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Hello Again

I am not exactly a new member her... if you look at my join date, I am probably one of the oldest members here.

But as years went by, I lost interest in discussing/doing emulation stuff, and as I didn't have an amiga for ages, I slowly stopped coming here.

Now, after 17 years without one, I do own an Amiga again

Unlike my older A600, this one has 2mb chip and a 4gb CF card. (The one I had back at the time was a vanilla A600 with 1mb and nothing more )

Unfortunately the IDE port came with some loose pins, so the CF is not booting. As I already planned replacing all its capacitors (even though they show no signs of leakage, even being still the original ones), I also will replace its IDE port. But while I am waiting the parts to arrive, I basically can't use it yet (It looks like none of my 20+ years old floppies work anymore )

I am going to use this A600 purely for gaming, and I still haven't decided if I should invest in of those kippers' Memory expansions so I can use WHDLoad without worries or if I just go for a floppy emulator and play stuff without worring about installing games, transfer them from PC, memory management, etc etc. Though the fixes the WHDLoad add to the games are really interesting to me (Stuff like being able to play Battle Squadron with 2 buttons, etc)

I see a few users around here who I remember from the old EAB times, and a lot of new users who probably have no idea of who I am. That's why I thought it would be better to post here, even though I am not exactly a new member.

Surely you guys will be seeing me a lot more around here from now on
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