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Originally Posted by jimmy2x2x View Post
If you are getting frustrated with not being able to beat the world records, reset them twice to clear them.
Man had it been nice had someone posted this to too...

Anyway, I played your game. What a good game, and heres couple of my comments.

First of all, I have to say that although I am commenting of some things, they are not erally complains, they are more of nitpicking, just to give you something where you could still improve.

I liked very much how it reminded of the C64 Bruce Lee. It worked very well and set the feel of thegame to something very nice.

I also liked how you were collecting hearts.

I also think that the time you ahve given to each level, is quite right amount, that they are hard, but not too hard, nor too easy.

If there would be plenty of time, then it wouldnt be fun anymore. I think I played this game for something between 30 - 60 minutes, which is quite much for this kind of game already and shows that it does have some replayability value and interest. If this had been made before year 2 000, this would be one of those classic games to remember and to revisit every now and then.

But, I think you should have given different difficulties for game, maybe easy and hard, plus also, timeless mode. For my 4 year old daughter came to see me play, saw the hearts, and instantly wanted to play the game too. But alas, what a sad thing the game kept ending all the time when time was running out and it didnt take long for daughter to get frustrated and stop playing.

Had there been timeless mode, I think she had enjoyed playing it much longer, and perhaps she had even asked to play it again in future.

The world records were real hard to beat. Too hard!. And unfortunately I didnt know about that reset thing.

Good thing however was, that after i had beat two world records, the monster mode came on, and those didnt have any record in them. So as long as i was able to beat any of them in time, i would get the last secret unlocked.

Have to say, it becomes surprisingly hard to beat when the monster is going on around.

I very muhc liked from those locked features. They made the game very different and gave much more replayability value to the game. It was also very good idea the hide and seek mode where the monster is so much faster. Good modes, and I even liked the sound testing as one of the unlockable things.

What I would have liked there having been, had been a background music. That was pretty much only thing i was missing in that game. Otherwise it had much more than you would expect. I also think it was good you didnt have any more levels there, since then there would be too many to play already.

Although, if you had made a story mode with maybe 10 levels that come each after previous one is beaten, that would have been a lot of fun, and I think I would have played it through since i already was interested enough to unlock all the secrets.

Oh, and one thing that annoyed me was the falling part. I guess idea was taht if half of bruce lee is over the edge, you fell. This made many times some frustration, especially in tight spots, since it just didnt feel natural ata ll, i would suggest maybe changing it to 3/4th of a Bruce Lee out before falling.

And that gripping by fire button, i would have rather had it simply by pushing up, since there wasnt really any reason why not that way, as there was never a need to be jumping higher at same time as you were passing ladders.

Very good game you made there. It reminded me positively about C64 Bruce Lee, although at same time it was very different kind of game.
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