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Hello guys! I just have spoken with Dezz by phone. They went to his parents with family to the holidays. Coming back on the weekend. He couldn't access his emails there.

He wanted to send out the cards before Christmas and very sorry he couldn't. Feel very bad.

As you know the card has been working since a long time, but there were some little but annoying issues that were hard to overcome. He didn't want to send out them before making sure no more hw modification are needed.

Please, guys, don't premise malice. Unfortunately the project were going less smoothly than expected, but Dezz doing everything to make it successful on the end.

Also, I know he has some health problems recently. But he handles the ScanJuggler project as high importance. I'm sure everyone will be getting his card soon.

Some people asked here about the Lite version. It has been marketed only in Hungary. I also got one, back in 2013. There wasn't enough demand for this version since then to make a new batch.
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