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Originally Posted by Neil79 View Post
Damn it man , have a day off
Not possible!

Originally Posted by thomas View Post
Paula's low-pass filter is applied to Toccata audio. This shouldn't happen IMHO.
Which audio filter mode? (none, sinc, anti and so on..)

EDIT: Never mind. I found out what I missed.. fixes it. Stereo separation is still after Toccata mixing and it is currently considered a feature.

Originally Posted by Michael Sykes View Post
Happy new year.

I just want to say that the toccata emulation seems to works fine in Octamed Soundstudio 1.03c.

How ever in DeliTracker there is no sound, while i can see the scopes moving.

I use the 14Bit-NotePlayer wich has direct Toccata support.
Version 9.10 of the toccata.library is in use. The player would argue if if the card were not there so why does it stay muted?

If I select Toccata in AHIprefs and select AHI in 14Bit-NotePlayer it works as intended.
I need _exact_ same programs and library versions.

Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
Is that GVP Series II emulation only? I seem to remember that v4.xx ROMs don't work with Series I cards, so there must be some hardware difference between them.
I don't exactly know whats the difference between I and II, it seems to be mainly different internal clock rates which of course makes no difference in emulation. (Unless specifically restricted in emulation)

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