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Lightwave layout resolution problem in all versions


Has anyone tried Lightwave on WinUAE? The layout resolution is giving me a problem. It allows 800*600 and 1024*768 resolutions in either 4 or 8 colors, but, when I choose one of these high resolutions, it just scales them away. And when it does, I can see only a part of the screen (adjusting WinUAE display resolutions to 1280*1024 or 1600*1200 doesn't help as well as messing with Normal, Double, H/W Centering etc. options).

It seems the Lightwave wants to use 1024*768 resolution but it doesn't recognise any uaecgx resolutions nor the AGA has it available.

There are cgx patches for Lightwave but only for rendering window, not the layout. I can't believe that Real3D, Cinema, WCS and many others have perfect CGX support but not the Lightwave...

This happens with all versions 3.0, 4.0, 5.0. 5.1 and 5.2. Lightwave 5.2 is the latest version I have, are there any newer versions? Lighwave 5.5?

Thanks for any help!
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