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Smurf Rescue Released! (New Amiga game)

My second game is released! Smurf Rescue! A platform game for your Amiga!

You play as Smurfette and your mission is to save all the other Smurfs.

Yep, this is my own version of the game and has nothing to do with Smurf Rescue on other systems. The game uses graphics from Lollypop and most of the sprites are from The Smurf on Sega Mega Drive/Game Gear. The game also has lots of samples. All ripped from the Smurf movie from 2011 (voice: Katy Perry).

The downside is that this is (just as my first game) made with Backbone. That means, the game is incredible slow even on fast Amigas. But it's very playable with (Win)UAE if you use these settings:

A1200, CPU: 68030, 4 MB Fast RAM, Fastest Possible and no Cycle Exact.

More information, download, video and screenshots here:

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