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Graphics rendering issue with WormsDC [2.8.1 + 3.0.0]

Worms: The Director's Cut has always been a source of some very minor issues when emulated, but at some point a recent update to WinUAE appears to have rendered the game unplayable.

It's hard to describe, but basically stuff isn't where it's supposed to be.On the main menu, a portion of the screen that should be on the left hand side is instead placed at the far right, pushing everything else to the left, like so.

Actually playing the game looks fine until you actually sit down to take a turn. The currently active worm (and indeed any other moving parts, such as projectiles, landmines or other falling worms) are rendered a dozen-or-so pixels to the right of their true location.

I've no idea what could be causing this. I've tweaked a bunch of settings just in case it's something I've done - initially I thought WinUAE just didn't get along with my new monitor, but this is the only game affected by this glitch so far as I can tell.

Any thoughts?
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