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ScanJuggler NEWS - scandoubler (and flickerfixer) for A1200/A4000

Btw I contacted dez back in February asking about the lite and at no point did he indicate the full versions weren't available, this is the story he spun about about the lite:

Hi Derek,

I'm dezz, developer of these cards. Thank you for presenting your interest! (And sorry for the late answer.)

Unfortunately I've sold out all of the Lites made last year (15pcs) and it seems a key part has become unobtainable in the meantime, so it would need a redesign. But it is a little uncertain as there is a very low demand for the Lite one. Is the normal one out of interest for you?

Best regards,
I've never ever heard of any one having a lite....

And then I asked about the full version

The card itself is 100 EUR. It comes with a VGA output per default.
For DVI you will need a Switcher Module (it fits under the FDD). It's 35 EUR.
(Later there will also be a HDMI output option.)
P&p can vary wildly, depending whether you prefer regular postage (10 EUR) or DHL/UPS/etc. (20-30 EUR).
I'm just glad I didn't have the money at the time add I'd be furious by now along with the rest of you guys who were misled about its availability.
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