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Not found in a game .. but i'd like to share anyway.
A local college gained a new program (wrote by me ) to control logon's in the resource room (200+ pc's).
The program showed the college logo on 1 side and a scrolling list of the 'Acceptable Use Policy' on the other.
I made the program not show the logon boxes until the AUP had been 'read' .. (Basically a cheat, i just checked that the box had been scrolled to the bottom ).
Anyway .. the easter egg just replaced the college logo with a piccy of my mush ( dark shades lookin ard etc.. :P ) and replaced the text briefly with some of my waffle for something like 5 seconds and then reverted back.
To activate the said 'egg' you had to click on the 3 fullstops found in the 1st portion of the AUP text.
NOBODY would ever find this i thought .. dammit .. college tech. rang me up pissing himself laughing coz my piccy was flashing up all over the resource room as the students tried out the 'egg' somebody just found.
Boy was i red faced next time i went down the college.
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