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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
It's on news page on ,too. So I have to fix glitches which I can fix as possible.

While I recreate E1L3 (yes,this time I don't make "paper thin walls" !),
I noticed that glitches occurred even though there were 2-3 houses !
Now I suspect following situation causes those glitches:

We noticed these barriers also had another problem:
Using sidesteps allows us to go through these barriers.
It's also serious bug.
In the first place, I made these barriers to solve
"Where aredid you come from?" issues.

About Maped versions:
Sorry, now I remembered.
I used Maped both from commercial Gloom3 disk & attachment from Leon(Czeslaw).
I assumed my version was not edited by anybody
because there was no reason why people had to edit it at that time.

About contact with Mark Sibly:
Earok knows.
Once I heard their office are close each other.
But I suspect Mark have already forgotten almost stuff about Gloom...
According to Amiga Future's interview to Gaz(Gloom3's author),
the source code had been lost when Mark's hard disk had gone.

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