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Good job

I'm moving the bug reports to this page btw

Originally Posted by nittamituaki View Post

Are you 100% sure that the problems happens because of large number of objects/walls used?

I cannot answer as "Yes, 100% sure!".

#1 glitch: quick test edit the map and erase some of the objects. Does it happen again?

I tested again and again, however, it happens.
If I could fix one point, then another wall causes this bug.
So you erased a large number of walls and objects and it still happens?
If yes, now you can be 100% sure that this bug is NOT caused by many objects, many walls or complex map design. There's something else that is causing this...

Originally Posted by nittamituaki View Post
No, we(Leon and me) use Gloom Deluxe engine.
But you use the map editor from Ganja's site, right?
It specifically mentions there that the editor MIGHT work with Gloom Deluxe, but is made for original Gloom instead... I'm wondering... would it be possible to contact Mark Sibly himself for help? Being the author would surely help a lot on how to avoid all those bugs or what is causing them.
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