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Originally Posted by jcarvalho View Post
I have opened a Paypal dispute but no luck.
Checked the box that says "item not delivered" or something like that.
I only got a response email from Dezz. He couldn't refund the money..
So, no money and no scanjuggler. When I think that I have sold my Indivision mk2 to raise funds and now I dont have anything...
Paypal can retrieve your funds, that's what the resolution area is for. Has worked fine for me a couple of times.

Although if you don't file an issue within 45 days of payment then they can't do much. However if mulitple complaints are received about the seller PayPal can open any claim for investigation within 180 days of payment.

If you filed a complaint through whoever provided your credit card you can request a reversal of funds stating you haven't received the item.

Some credit cards also have a payment protection in place if you don't receive an item too so it's worth looking into that as an option.

NVM the credit card, read one of your other posts :-( I would keep putting pressure on through Paypal, although the only way this can work outside of the above time frames is if you have several other people complain through Paypal at the same time.

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