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Originally Posted by nobody View Post
Usually small sprites (16p) need 2 frames for walking. Medium need 4 and only the large ones, very high quality like Capcom's Street Fighter 2 need more.
I agree. The oldskool Mario and Sonic 2D platform games didn't use many frames for animations, for example Sonic tapping his foot used maybe 2 or 3. Games like Flashback and Another World used loads of frames - although rotoscoped (Flashback pre-calculated and Another World calculated in real time).

Originally Posted by amigapd View Post
As long as your sprite sheet has followed the structure of using colour 1 to create a separate border for each sprite, and colour 0 for the background, then Reality will automatically cut your tiles.
That's a pretty neat trick.
Generally I try to keep my animation frames a specific size (e.g. 16 pixels wide, 32 pixels high) for the main character in my (non-Reality made) game.
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