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A few months ago I decided to have a dedicated corner in my game room for old consoles and similar.

This is the result.

The TV is a 42" Philips which sucks for Scart IMO. I'm going to replace it with something retro friendly.

Lets go through it though.

From the top
Sega MegaDrive (genesis in the US) with SX32 and an Everdrive MD with basically all games.

Sega Saturn. Modded and region selection.

Sega Dreamcast. Original Rev1. I'm waiting on a better GDI emulator device for it. Not happy about the available selection right now.

Amiga CD32. Waiting on the RGB/IDE mod for it. Right now its just using composite.

Sony Playstation. Modded.

Sony Playstation 2. Modded and also has free McBoot, network adapter with 400GB IDE disk. Running ~4TB of games from the file server directly.

Neo Geo AES with MVS Magic Key and MVS 161inOne cartridge.

Top Left: Amiga 1200, 030, 64MB, Indivision AGA MK2. HDMI to TV.
Top Right, Commodore 64 with a 1541 Ultimate.

Middle left, Playstation 3. All original and not even hooked in right now...
Bottom Left. Nintendo Wii. Softmodded with 2TB HD connected.

Middle middle, XBOX 360. Modded and 4TB HD connected.
Middle bottom, XBOX. Modded. 400GB internal HD.

Middle right, Nintendo 64 with Everdrive. French N64 PAL model, True RGB modded.
Bottom right, Super Nintendo with a SD2SNES.

Not shown: Intellivision. Trying to RGB mod it right now in the den.

Just these two last days I have been cleaning it up with cables etc. At first, the were just laying there on the floor behind it, but it was a mess and the cats got stuck etc.. heh. Kinda funny.

Anyway, I put the whole thing on wheels so I can easily pull the whole thing out to gain access to the backside.

Note the scart switchers. Got 3 of these baddies connected together and they have auto sense so I just turn on the console I want and the picture is there (provided the TV is set to Scart of course. Xbox360 and Amiga 1200 are using HDMI).

Fun fun =)
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