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Originally Posted by ccapublic View Post
Hi all,

Not sure that quasi simultaneous release of WinUAE with PPC support and AOS 4.1 FE (at a moderate price) is a pure co´ncidence

Whatever, this is a great opportunity to enter the NG amiga world without having to invest in a VERY expensive HW. Plus it comes for Christmas, which is even greater

Before ordering a copy of AOS, I'd like to be sure it is working with latest WinUAE (or at least that having this working is one of Toni's goals) and that it's legal.

Thanks to anyone who could help answering these questions !

Let me also thank Toni as well as other people involved in making WinUAE a constantly living SW. You guys keep the Amiga alive !

Merry Christmas to everyone here !


It has been confirmed to work with WinUAE 3: (French).

Apparently you can now have 256mb Ram with Cyberstorm too.

It's not officially supported by Hyperion but legal: unlike MorpOS there's nothing preventing you from running OS 4.1 on an emulator.
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