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To be honest in Amiga games I never change the settings.
Let's say only to a point where I think to myself something like:
>>paste random AVGN quote here<<.
Then I would downgrade the difficulty level.
Or just destroy/delete/sell the game and/or never play it a gain.

In story based (modern)games I want to follow the story and have no intention to see the same part of the game over and over again.
Thats why I'v voted for easy.
Since that is the only type of game where I lower the difficulty intentional the first time I play it.

If it's just run and gun it has to be, at least, the normal setting.
Anything below would take away the challenge and the fun.

In RTS type games it depends on how good the AI is.
But it's not a good idea to play these on easy. Not if you plan to play against human opponents,soon.

There are some m.a.m.e. games where I have to set it to easy,though.
They take minutes to learn but a lifetime to master.
I mean if you could finish the game with only one coin there would have been no profit for the owner of the arcade.
But even on easy, K.O.F. isn't easy...

PS: I destroyed exactly one game, the worst game I'v ever played, in my life.
Incoming for the Dreamcast.
I don't remember what else pissed me off,on that day ,but after an hour of playing, or should I say kicking the bucket, the CD got suddenly stuck IN(not on) my wall.
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