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Didn't read all the way, but it sounds like what a friend had. Plain file copies would just get corrupted a bit in. WinUAE had trouble writing to several correctly Amiga-formatted CF cards, some incompatibility with his CF reader. The cards were set up on Amiga and WB disks installed. Then he wanted to get the bulk of files over and it just wouldn't work. In the end he had to copy the files to a PC-formatted card (just unzipped the files outside WinUAE) and copy from that to the Amiga-formatted card on his Amiga.

Now if the CF card is PC formatted you don't need WinUAE for file copy, just drag them over and you can use 7zip to extract .lha files as if they were zip files.

If you're using ze godforsaken .hdf files, then before anything just create a "Harddisk directory" in WinUAE and copy them over so you have proper files on your PC instead.
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