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Originally Posted by clenched View Post
- LoveDungeonv1.0.lha -
Tested on A500 w/GVPA530. Graphics, controls, sound are OK. 60 seconds of screen time are used up in 48 seconds of real time. So the best I managed was 3 leftover hearts on one of the levels.
Is that an ntsc system?

60 seconds in game should be 60 seconds in real time, Ill check it!

even it is an ntsc system, the faster in game movement should compensate for the faster time counting down.

All default world record times are beatable by at least 1 second, I achieved all times in game minus 1 second to make them beatable

You have to plan your routes carefully, jump up ladders to grab them high to save time, constant fluid movement is key, moving along the most efficient path

Try jumping under a heart that looks too high, the collision detection is very generous for above bruce, you might be able to grab hearts higher up the screen than you imagine.

If you really want to reset the world records, clear them TWICE from the options screen, this will make it a lot easier to unlock the monster and game modes

If you really cant collect all the hearts, let me know, i will make a video of how to do it for each level.

Ive read in a few places that the difficulty is too high, well maybe I made a mistake of playing the game constantly and adjusting the difficulty for me, not a new player

I knew I shouldnt have fired all my playtesters


Here is a video showing how to complete each level with time to spare

[ Show youtube player ]

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