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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
(Still feeling a bit too lazy..)

Could you run installation with logging command line parameters ("winuae.exe -log -scsiemulog -scsilog"), when CD problem appears, wait 10 seconds more, quit winuae and attach the winuaelog.txt.

It must be some unknown SCSI emulation bug or missing feature.
I think I speak for most here when I say you deserve a nice peaceful Christmas without any stress of going through logs and code
The problem is now resolved in any case, I've since discovered it's an issue with the linux installer, not WinUAE. Certain steps need doing in a particular order before it installs, so that was my fault for not reading the guide properly. The same instructions that work for actual hardware also seem to work fine for WinUAE. As you can see, it's working very well from my install, I think that constitutes a good positive test of the PPC capabilities of WinUAE.

Sit back, relax, and have an egg-nog Toni. You deserve it.
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