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FPS game for 2014 xmas: "Did IT come from the desert?"

Ants,ants,ants you say! ...Well,yes.
At last I can present a christmas gift,too.
I am so glad that I could reach this wonderful day.
Have a happy holiday and use this thread for exchange your strategy information, etc.
(I won't post details of strategy of this game for a while at least.)

Title: "Did IT come from the desert?"

Title screen and comments:

Please don't be disappointed to hear that Cinemaware couldn't present a holiday event,
the release of "It came from desert: Limited edition" for Mega Drive.
I had assumed what this hell would be going
from July 2014 (yes, the moment when Cinemaware announced that release first!),
and I had created this MOD from this summer 2014.

If you are Amiga or CD32+FDD users, you can enjoy this xmas gift from me instead.

This MOD is just unofficial port from MD version with arrangement as FPS game.
It would be much harder than MD version, which had been said that it was difficult,
however, you would have been absorbed in this FPS version when you realized it!


Gameplay video:
[ Show youtube player ]

How to install:
This game is one of the Gloom3.
1. Copy "comedesert" folder to your hard disk.
2. Then execute following command,
Assign desert: ***:comedesert (*** is your hard disk device name.)
3. Doubleclick "mainprg" icon. The game will be loaded. ( It shows "nittamituaki's Gloom Mods screen". )

ADF version is also available:
It's here: Gloom MODs information page

Minimum requirements:
020, 1.8MB chip RAM (I tested all levels on my standard CD32 + analogic FDD.)

More details:
"Did IT come from desert?" main page

You can use following thread to discuss or question for general about Gloom mods.

Last words (as this post):
My delightful hobby has started since I contacted with Czeslaw Mnich.
Robert,one of his friends wrote some great utilities for new picture files for Gloom.
I shall say thanks to them again.

Merry christmas! and good night...

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