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I agree it's long, but it's definately worth watching. I watched it in 4 parts. The 1st DVD is 2.5 hours long (normal edition) and the 2nd DVD (special edition) is also 2.5 hours long.
lifeschool did touch on the content of the special edition in his first post, but here is a complete list:

30 mins - David Braben (Elite)
15 mins - Peter Molyneux (Populous, Powermonger)
 5 mins - Jeff Minter (creating games)
 8 mins - Geoff Crammon (creating "The Sentinel")
10 mins - Fred Gray (composing "Shadowfire","Enigma Force" and "Mutants" for C64)
 4 mins - Jon Ritman (creating "Head Over Heels" for Spectrum)
 3 mins - Peter Harrap (creating "Wanted: Monty Mole" for Spectrum)
 7 mins - Jez San (Nintendo and the Super FX chip)
 9 mins - Geoff Crammond (from "Super Invaders" to "Revs")
 3 mins - Geoff Brown (on "Moonwalker")
 8 mins - Martin Edmundson (on "Shadow Of The Beast")
 9 mins - Rob Hubbard (composing for C64)
 6 mins - Mike Montgomery (on "Speedball 2")
18 mins - Mel Croucher (on "Deus Ex Machina")
 3 mins - Jon Hare (on "Wizball")
 6 mins - Jon Hare (on "Sensible Soccer")
It's certainly helped to give me a boost to finish my current game
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