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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
I can't duplicate. I tried WB with max overscan and last line was always correct.

Some adjustments done, don't know if they help.
For me, WB overscan setting didn't matter. I could boot a WB disk, change non-laced line mode between double and double, fields and see the lowest line go black when in double, fields mode.

But anyway, whatever you tweaked in the latest winuae.exe (today 15:45) seems to have fixed it, because that problem is gone now.

Edit to add: With the latest winuae.exe the double, fields+ line modes are pretty much perfect. The only thing which could be improved is what happens when the Amiga output changes from interlaced to non-interlaced. But that's so minor it's probably not worth bothering with.

Explanation: Depending on the value of (timeframes & 1), the first non-interlaced Amiga field/frame may be rendered in the same way as the previous (last interlaced) field. So there may be two successive output frames where lines 1, 3, 5, ... are all black (or two with lines 2, 4, 6, ... black). Depending on the display, that could cause a minor brief flash/flicker.

On my laptop screen, I could see the effect by booting an interlaced Workbench, setting background colour to white, then opening a custom screen (also with white background). Flipping from interlaced WB to non-laced custom screen, I can just notice a brief flash some of the time. Other times there is no flash, when the "field order" (for want of a better phrase) matches up.

The fix would be to, if you've just switched from interlaced to non-laced, make the first non-laced output frame render in the opposite way to the previous (final interlaced) field, thus maintaining the odd/even/odd/even black lines cadence.

There is a similar issue for non-laced to interlaced switching, but there the effect is unavoidable since you don't have a choice about how to render each field.

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